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Cyber School will open doors in Singapore in 2019.

Cyber School is the most elite school of white hat hackers/cyber security experts, the hardest course you can take. To prepare you for this elite course (so you can become an elite expert), we are opening an initial 5 weeks pre-requisite course in 2019.

One Month Course Content and Requirements

As long as you have basic computer science knowledge, you will be able to join our one month long pre-requisite course to become an elite white hat hacker/cybersecurity expert

Crash course

  • The course is expected to take place at SUSS campus for 5 weeks (location is subject to change).


  • Information about an in-person meetup at SUSS campus, time, fees, and other information will be provided later.

Please fill the form to “Register Interest”

Are you qualified?

You are suitable or the initial one month course if you:

  1. Have Basic Network Protocol and Technologies knowledge
  2. Understand Fundamentals of Programming (Python, C++)
  3. Have Interest and basic understanding in data protection, and privacy
  4. Are able to commit 5 weeks to the initial pre-requisite course

How to Join

Fill the form and join the waiting list. We will inform you when you are able to test yourself to see if you have basic knowledge to join the pre-requisite course.

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